Various Disturbing Dreams - Part 5 of 8

Date: 11/29/2020

By Purple

5. After exiting the building, I can’t believe what we walked into. I suddenly saw several men with automatic weapons. One of them came off of a public bus through the rear exit door. People were scrambling everywhere in fear. At this point, I lost track of Don. I knew I had to run for my life. I kept running into different buildings for safety. I wasn’t sure which was the best option. Suddenly I started climbing up steps. It felt like I was in the bowels of various buildings because the steps kept changing design. Every once in a while I looked down at my feet and saw that I had the mismatched sneakers on from an earlier dream. I finally found myself among people who didn’t know what was going on with the shootings. It was very frustrating because after running to hide out of fear, I couldn’t find any decent place to hide. I finally found people who were hanging out and didn’t seem to know that there was any sort of terror going on in the streets. They seemed to be happy-go-lucky and oblivious. I kept asking them if there was any news updates and they had no idea about the terror happening in their area. They did not even seem concerned. Finally, there was a middle-aged woman knew what I was talking about. The building seemed new I told her. She said that stuff like that has happened before. “I can only imagine,” she told me, because she said that their company held copyrighted photographs and said again, “I can only imagine how expensive all of that was.” I was thinking: are you crazy lady? Copyrighted photos are something thieves really want? I did not say that out loud.