Dream Worth Sharing

Date: 6/13/2018

By coll23

So in this dream, I was talking outside with my uncle that passed away eleven days ago. He was driving a white or gray car. This is funny because in real life he didn't drive. IDK at what point he got out of the car. We were talking about IDK what until I brought up the topic of his death. I told him I loved him. I saw tears coming from his eyes, and he said that it was okay to cry because he cried when one of his friends from work passed away. And he also told me to remember what happened to my sister in December ( IDK what happened irl to her in December). Then an African American male came and behind him a police car. I told my uncle that it was time to go inside. My uncle said something about the police car and I told him that there was no point in worrying because he was dead. Then he said " Yeah at this point they'll just come and arrest me" ( For faking death I assume). Then, we went inside and the dream was over. I gave myself the liberty to cry when I woke up