Dogs laying eggs

Date: 6/16/2017

By TwentieToo

I was at this farm and there was a pond with bear cubs swimming in it. Me and my sisters were watching. A lamb had gotten in the pond and we went and saved it. Then we went to this barn where this lady lived, I guess she wanted us to clean or something while she went and did errands. Then I guess she just randomly died and my sisters disappeared. I went and got this hot guy and told him that there was a dead lady on the floor. Then we tried to solve the mystery of how the lady died. It didn't go well and I helped the people with farm work. A girl showed me into this giant chicken coop and showed me how to get the eggs from the chickens. The chickens would get really mad when we took the eggs, and I had went to grab one and it shot its head through a hole in the top of the box it was in and knocked the egg out of my hand. The girl ran to get her father. They both came back and the father took the chicken out of its box, and it turned out that they weren't chickens at all, they were puppies. The one he grabbed was a greyhound. He scolded it snd put it back in the box. Then the hot guy from earlier got his tractor stuck in some mud and we went and helped him. I was at Walgreens with my grandparents. I found this magic hat and necklace and put it on. I had powers, where I could just literally do whatever I wanted. I decided I wanted to be a princess and live all by myself in a palace. The palace was like a cartoon for some reason. Anyways my mom came to my palace and I excitedly showed her my hat and necklace. The hat was literally just a top hat. It was silk and I guess on the inside is where little fairy like people lived. The necklace was this big thing with lots of gears, think steam-punk, and moons and stars and planets. And it even told you the weather. I was at this dinosaur museum place. There was a guy who owned it. Late twenties, maybe early thirties. Kinda nerdy, and really cute. He gave me a tour of the place. And there were some exhibits still under construction. And there were some things that you could touch and it would swoosh you away to a different world. One of the exhibits that was still under construction, was a giant dinosaur egg half uncovered in the dirt. The egg was probably as big as the biggest room in your house. At the end of the tour there was a gift shop. I saw this device that mothers used to suck all the milk from their breasts. For some odd reason I wanted to try it, but it wouldn't work. It swooshed me to a different world and it was a lot more brightly colored than my home world. It was in this clearing in the woods, near a creek. A mother and her children were having a picnic, and I was sat in a rocking chair. I was still fiddling with the device and asked the mother if she could help but for some reason she couldn't hear or see me.