Moving out

Date: 8/17/2017

By marcela

It was my first day moving into my new apartment since I'm going to college (same will happen irl), but when I arrived it looked different. A lot bigger and everything was differently placed. I went outside to get my clothes which were strewn across everywhere and when I got back the apartment changed. I went to the balcony of this 'other' apartment and noticed cigarettes on the table, I knew right away that I went into my (used to be) friends' flat. I went into their kitchen and it looked exactly the same as my grandmother's. I heard them talking somewhere and tried to escape as fast as I could. When I finally managed to get out, my landlord passed me and asked what I was doing in the flat that wasn't mine, I smiled and said I messed up the doors. In my hands I still had piles of my clothes.