The Wolf

Date: 8/21/2019

By Ryleedreams

I was in a bunker like there was a disaster that happened. A bunch of other people were also living there and most just seemed to have excepted that it. As in no one was particularly sad or upset, they had fun things to do there like an arcade room, pool, playground, computers that could connect with other people in the bunker, a gym and other fun activities. The base was surrounded by woods that thickened the deeper you went in. There was a sort of military or police group there too. They watched over the base from guarding the perimeter to policing the people inside. The people I knew were the same as the my last dream, a boy (Benji) and a talking horse (Melman). I, however, now was a werewolf. Or could at least turn into a wolf. Well, I knew I could but there wasn't an instance that I knowingly changed into it. By that I mean I couldn't really control it. One night I was "sleeping" but from my dream perspective I was watching myself sleep. Suddenly I turned into the wolf and walked out of the room. (Usually in a dream, what happens or what I do isn't a surprise because I know before it actually happens but in this instance I had no idea what was going on). I, the wolf, walked out into a corridor leading to a large room. Half the room was filled with couches and small tables and coffee makers and snack machines, the was a group of people there taking, I think they were some youtubers I recognized. On the other half of the room was relatively empty space except for a large heavy looking door with engravings on it. The room was split by a wall that had an arch entry way in between. Across the room from where I entered was another hallway leading to the rest of the building we were in. I, the wolf, slowly walked toward the big door in the room. One of the youtubers saw me and called out. The others whispered about the fact they saw a wolf and were nervous. I kept walking without a pause. The Youtubers finally decided to follow me from a distance talking quietly about what to do. Suddenly a skinny black cat walked over just as I stopped in front on the door. I sat down and just stared at the ominous door. Eventually other people who happened to be awake, including Benji, walked over to see what was going on. Benji started to panic but no one came to close. Finally the cat walked up to me and say next to me touching my paw. I, the wolf, suddenly fell over unconscious and not moving. It was quiet as if they were all trying to figure out what happened. After a minuet I turned human and woke up just as confused. They explained what they say and I told them I didn't know how I got there or what happened either. After awhile, everyone went back to bed but I laid on my bed talking to the cat about what happened. The cat, who was apparently a demon, said I was being followed by a spirit from the hotel we had left from the previous dream. Confused but to tired to care I laid down and fell asleep. Then I woke up to my alarm.