Sea Monster Attack

Date: 7/30/2017

By toxxicduck

I was at the beach with my little brother, Palmer. I was in a blue bikini and holding a large beach bag thing, and Palmer was in black swim trunks. It was sunny out. The beach was right at the edge of a city and I could see the silver cityscape beyond the sand of the beach. We were just leaving a locker room-esque building that lead directly to a dock which formed a semicircle on the water over the beach, creating a closed off swim area between the sand and the dock. The dock was ramshackle and very narrow. There were a bunch of people hanging out on the shore as well as on the dock, but no one swimming. Right as I was exiting the locker room, a really fit older looking man in a red wetsuit stopped me. He was there with his son and warned me that there had been 6 shark attacks at this beach lately. I told Palmer not to go swimming. I walked along the dock thing, checking the water for sharks, thoroughly. I didn’t see any sharks, but saw that Palmer had gotten in the water, in the closed off part. I became panicked and yelled at him to swim to shore, but he just looked at me perplexed, like he couldn’t understand me. Eventually he swam back though. I headed back across the dock to join with him at the beach. I noticed two people sitting at the dock kicking their feet in the water. I just knew something terrible was going to happen to them, but didn’t warn them about sharks or anything. I walked along the dock and the anticipated horror began to happen. A giant octopus blob monster appeared off in the ocean with a huge gaping maw. It opened at mouth like Kirby and just nommed down on everything. It nommed sharks in the water, other sea creatures, and it even ate an orca that had appeared, just opening its mouth and swallowing things whole. It swam to the dock and ate the people kicking their feet, as well as part of the dock they were sitting on. I had been watching this all happen from the dock near the shore, but suddenly I was in the water. I was floating under the surface of the water with Palmer next to me. The water was a really dark rusty-brown color. Around us, I could see sharks and octopi. Though the water was dark, everything swimming was vivid. Suddenly, a massive sea serpent rushed under us. It was a dark mass of fins, covered in eyes. Its flesh was a rust color. It was terrifying! It was like a giant mutant straight out of Silent Hill!