valentines day, missing lover, gifts

Date: 3/10/2017

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was in a large house of some sort. I was sneaking around in it and i saw my best friend cindy (whom i havent seen in a while) in lingerie dancing around to a song along side other girls. I remember thinking that she went from a nice innocent girl to a slutty looking girl. I left and the scene shifted and i was now in my current lovers house. His brother was there and there were valentines decorations all over the place. Well he left me alone with his brother telling me to be careful of him cos be was horny...lmao. Anyway he was gone to try to get into the boarded up house in front so we could have sex in there. His brother and i were talking and stuff, then after a while i started getting worried cos my lover wasnt coming back and hours had passed. I was starting to wonder if he was out with another girl. Then i suddenly saw my friend cindy again at the other house. She covered herself up with a black robe and was trying to make herself presentable to me. Then scene shifted again and my lover texted me saying that he couldnt open the doors to the house, he was going to have to wait for his roomate to open it. I got super annoyed and got up to leave, telling his brother that i was going but then my lover appeared at the door. He gave me a lot of valentines bag gifts. I guess i felt a little better, and then my brother showed up to see me and he was talking to my lover. The end