☁️Nuclear Wave

Date: 2/26/2017

By jessicap1234

(I bleeped out some things for my privacyXD) So last night I had this rlly weird dream where I started off hitting on ****** and in the dream ****** wuz rlly nice to me and I was just full on obsessing over ******... then me and my friends were outside on the tarmac. We were trying on clothes in the 'warm corner' of the tarmac now... Then the bell rang and we were all going inside until this kid showed us some footage of what happened when we weren't there. (Jayden puts off a fireball and it makes a couple of sparks and a small nuclear wave) next thing you know we are all on the tarmac again and we see this power plant in the distance and then we just hear this loud boom. We see coming from the distance just this huge nuclear wave and it sweeps away everything it hits, leaving only the ppl who jumped over it and a couple ppl just toppled over. We repeated that about 5 times. Then me and a couple of my friends, (I forget who) ended up in a restaurant, where I eventually get mad and piss off my lil bro cuz that's what I do best:) TBH this dream was actually rlly scary so i rate it a: 👿 (If you don't know what this means look at my other post)