HBomb/Long Island Medium

Date: 2/21/2017

By Nihyt_Owl

something happened before this, but I can't remember what. I think I became H''s assistance or he me me his assistant on the spot. He asked me if I'll do anything and I said yes I will. The room were in looks like the living room in my current house but bigger and longer somehow. There's now a wooden table beside the furniture. The table only has two chairs that are facing the wall of two flat screen tvs. He was playing a game with someone that was also in the room but I never saw him, I just knew that he was physically there, across the table from H. I begin to kiss H's face, everywhere except the lips. when I get to his chin he asks me "hey can you pop the two zits under my chin." I immediately said yes and looked under his chin. When I looked under I saw two huge red-purple cyst, leaking pus down his neck. For some reason I knew how to pop these things. I run to my mom's bathroom and grab q-tips and something else to disinfect the are. I go back and I wipe hid chin, he flinched, I said something along the lines of "come on, you have to sit still." he complies and I continue. When I finally get the area clean and the two cyst have gone down. on two small holes remain on his face, leaking a little bit of pus. When I'm about the clean them with a qtip, the TV on the right comes on. looks like a news talk show. on the scene was Teresa Caputo the long Island medium, but I didn't recognize her as that. to me she was my 8th grade teacher. (I had 3 main 8th grade teachers) I listened in on the show. she's talking about how her life changed after she became a part time voice actor. keep in mind that she's an 8th grade teacher here. She brags about how much money she makes without act2saying the number, she actually sounded humble about it and thanked god for allowing her to have this opportunity. END I woke up.