Date: 1/18/2017

By iMysticDragon

Had this dream few weeks back. Watching a Leeds United latest game where they won, i was sat in the passenger seat of the car. Told dad there was a 360 view of it and my dad didn't believe me. We then was outside at this place at night, my dad went to look for something while i stayed in the car. I needed the toilet so i got out and went to the toilet. Got back and the car was locked so i waited. This huge man approached me and he got this spray can out, he came up to me and it was like a sedate type spray and swept me up off my feet onto his shoulder. Why didn't i scream? I struggled and then i threw stuff i had on the floor so my dad might find it when he came back. He carried me off into the park. And this was at night. Then i woke up. I think staying in the car is a lot safer.