Brittany's Yoga Nightmare

Date: 8/21/2017

By MuffinFluffin

(Any dream pre-2017 does not have an exact date; many are guesses based on text message receipts and iPod notes) Background: I took yoga freshman year of college and apparently did not enjoy it on a subconscious level. I was in a yoga class at an undistinguished location with about two other people in the room. All the colors seemed cloudy except the one-piece, rainbow bathing suit I was wearing for some reason. At the front of the room, the Brittany Spears lookalike instructor began running the class, but after adjusting herself into a generic 3D model pose, her entire body turned blue (head going completely bald), skin textured much like a lava lamp. She then started splitting in half like an animal cell but instead of becoming two beings, she just kept stretching like silly putty. Only certain limbs were stretching out such as her right shoulder, arm, and hip while her organs were visibly pulsing outside of her skin. At the end of this metamorphosis disaster, she looked like a stretched out blanket. Post dream/side note?: I was never a fan of Brittany Spears' work, nor have I ever acknowledged her music post-2001. At the time of this dream (and now), I cannot recall a single Spears moment/song that could've caused her to be in this nightmare besides her meltdown in 2007.