old stoners and hippies, possibility of grateful dead?

Date: 2/21/2017

By Mephistopheless

I was a few towns over with my best friend where we stay some weekends, and it was still pretty heavyset in winter. so the roads were reasonably icy. All of us decided to pile into this big blue van like in Juno because we were going to (what I assume was a Grateful Dead concert.) It was me, my friend, his boyfriend, his mother, his grandmother, our friend Nellie and a couple other people. So as I'm trying to cross the street, it happens to be super busy (which is highly irregular because my friend's Nana lives in the middle of a suburb where you'll occasionally only see a car maybe every 20 minutes or so) and they were going SUPER fast around the turns, even though it was icy. they kept sliding all over the roads so I almost got pinned between a green Volkswagen and a small silver Nissan. Eventually we get on the road, and since I'm in shotgun I got to pick the music. Otep.❤❤ we have to stop a couple miles from the destination and get tickets for the event. First at this terminal and then a Walmart looking building with no specific markings? my friends and family ended up jetting on me, and by this time this snow storm picks up extremely heavily out of nowhere. I ended up stranded at the ticketing sight, where I almost get pinned a second time. A tan Jeep and a big red Ford truck. (I'm not sure if these vehicles have any significance to me.) so I get to the ticket booth, ask where he event was *very quietly* because apparently the main reason we were going is because we all smoked weed????? I don't smoke?????? wat??? anyways, so that was that.