Living in an island and learning how to control water | More water dreams.

Date: 5/10/2017

By richilye

I was home, in my room doing something. Ten my new CPU arrived, I started thinking how was I going to return the CPU that I borrowed. ... We moved to an island, but our house still looked the same, despite it being in a flat land, and it was closer to the beach. Suddenly a storm started. It was causing flood on some places, I went outside on the backyard , then I asked my mom if it wasn't gonna flood the island too, soon as I said that, a wave of water swallowed me and made me fall, it was fast and looked like dirty water or river water, (it was brown-ish or yellow-ish). I tried standing up when another wave was arriving... Cut... There wasn't rain for a long time, and I was drying up and all hot. I remembered that there were some... (idk how to call them, like sorcerers who control the elements). I went to my front gate and saw the one who controls water, she was wearing a blue noble woman's dress, like the old style, she also had a blue hat, her hair was either blue, blonde or white, then I asked her if she could make it rain, but she refused to, I said something else and she kept walking. Before she was about to leave my vision, I asked her if she could teach me water kineses, she asked "For what?" then I replied "So I could make it rain..." I was also thinking about using ice, but didn't say a thing. She agreed to and give me the location to meet her everyday. Somedays passed by and she mentioned that I should prepare for the long exam, which was a test in which would decide if she was going to accept me or not. We were meeting in a small house with 1 room and without doors, it was small and had a circular area outside attached to it, and around it all was a stone circle. (I forgot it's name, because I think it had one in real life). She had an animal, I don't remember what was it, but was a big dog apparently. 1 day later and it was snowing, I headed to the place, we went inside and talked a little. Then she told me the test was today. She was gonna attack me and I had to avoid it while taking care of the dog. She then raise her sword slowly and swung it down, simply enough I avoided it, she then ran around the area and came back and asked me a question "What about a sword that keeps moving?", and she came in moving her sword non-stop in a pattern and kept walking, I avoided it's first attack and in the meanwhile I answered "It's bound to hit at some point", then she came my way and kept swinging it non-stop, I avoided it 2 or 3 more times and got out of the way, then she said "splendid!". I was out of the house in that area around it, she told me if I fell out I'd lose, the dog was outside the area already. She went to some lever and pulled it down ,spikes came down from the ceiling , I wasn't expectating that, but I stood in between then, and they went back up. She pullsed it again and their position changed, it startled me a litle and made me go to the edge and almost fall, 1 foot was out stepping in the other area, but the rest of my body was in the house area. I was licky and stood in between the spiles again. When they went back up again, I tried getting inside again, but she pulled it too fast and I didn't get the chance to, somehow I managed to skip in between them again, with my foot still out, and the dog too. She then pulled it back up and stopped it. She went outside the area and brought the dog back. She made some gesture to the dog and it was gonna grab my had, but for some reason I let it do it, it kept holding my hand, but with no such force that would make a wound. Then I said to her "I know, but I didn't want to let it in danger" then she made the dog stop. She went to a desk and picked up a book and started writing something. She then started to say "you'll have to..." amd I interrupted her by accident and asked her if I passed, she said "no" in a sarcast way, then she kept writing and said "You'll have to sleep outside for 60 years and keep coming here for a while" and she said something else that I don't remember. I said "but my body is still hot, it would be a problem doing it" then she said "then do it slow, start by taking a blanket off". Then the dream ended or I don't remember what happened next. -------- I remember having a call from another country at some part.