Familial Disfunction

Date: 6/28/2017

By Fitful

I'm living with my mom, as her nanny. We don't get on that well, she has me nanny my own child self, who isn't even 1 year yet. I stay for a long while, enduring the stupid rules and taking are of the baby she doesn't want to. The rules which I hate are I'm not allowed to live there in my mom's house. I take the baby outside for a walk, well her in a carrier, and I realize I can jump to to extraordinary heights. I leave the baby hanging on a tree and forget about her for a while. I d remember go back and get her, reluctantly, I think she'd be better off left there. The height I left her at is skyscraper high, but the trees tower over even that. It's like they go on up forever. Technically I am living, and nannying, for the man across the street who is also the father of my child self. I think. But his house wise full of vines. I collect a few, trying to figure out which they are, but they are like round money leaves, only freshly picked and full of seeds. I never find out what the vine is which has taken over the house but I'm too wary to ever go in the house. My mom continually threatens to kick me out, even as I take care of my baby self, who she views as hers. I'm forced to massage my breasts, hoping to create milk, to feed the child who is me. If I am invaluable they can't kick me out. ~~ I am a younger, but time has sped up in the same house. This time there is only one of me, and I am about 10? Actually I can't tell, I think I'm older and wearing my hair in pigtails. My stepfather, Ernest, is threatening to kick me out. We keep getting in fights. Finally I scream one day why does he hate me. And he screams back because he wants to fuck me since I was ten. Then I am 10 years old and he straps me to a small door in the kitchen and proceeds to do just that. ~ I'm much older, but still quite young. I'm visiting my sister for the holidays. We're kissing, something we've taken to do I g on the Christmas holidays, just a joke at first. But now it's more a fun habit. It's almost ended in sex. We have the standing agreement if we're seeing someone on the holidays it won't happen, but that hasn't happened yet. I reach a few epiphanies while with her over this Christmas, that I want different people in different ways sexually. And each way is okay, it's all different and good. And orientation is almost limiting and rude, because I focus to much on gender, and not the person. ~ I am adopted, by a man who wears a lot of black, and trench coats. He gets confused with, or warps back and forth between, the sister in the last scene. Finally he decides to fuck me in a glass box, some weird fetish thing. These glass illuminated panels are st ick around the house, my sister's project, and the man decides, or we all do, it would make a cool coffin. And he proceeds to outline a plan where he would create a glass box which would have mess on the a inside to hold me place. And once inside it would squish tighter and tighter until I was helpless. It was supposed to hurt a bit bit mostly be erotic. He gave me an address to go to, an old dark Victorian house near by, at a certain time that evening when he would do it. ~ Across the street at the vine house, there is a table selling stuff, mugs and the like. I keep going and buying more and more mugs, ugly things, mismatched. I don't want anything matching. And I keep buying ugly mugs, and plates. I didn't use to plates to create a plant box. But the mugs I use in the kitchen. ~ I am picking out Novacain and neoprene to brush my teeth with.