Long Dream with a Sexy Twist

Date: 6/29/2017

By SHeesch26

For a reason that didn't stick, Austin E and I are exploring this city searching for something important and we're traversing the whole city late at night trying to find whatever it is. Details on that part are lost to me, although it was enjoyable. Then I wake up in this giant house that Austin and I are staying at, his room was upstairs with most everyone else's and my bed was at the end of the large kitchen. I wake up and fast food (burgers and fries of some sort) appears on my bed but my attention is elsewhere. The woman who owned the house, a divorced woman whose daughter and sister also lived with her, was prancing around the kitchen in her underwear and and unbuttoned dress shirt. She was tall with semi-long blonde hair and an ass to drive anyone crazy. I was going crazy that I couldn't have her but knew I had to play it cool at the same time. I asked why she slept upstairs instead of downstairs and she gave me an answer in the realm of "it reminds me of my ex." I couldn't keep my eyes off of her at all and finally she makes her way to the front door, finally dressed to go to work. In a semi-successful attempt to flirt, I gave her the "hot mom" title but she still had to leave for work. I didn't want to forget what she looked like so I began running around the house looking for pictures of her, starting with her old bedroom (which was on the west side of the house, other side of my bed). As I barge in (I'm still just wearing boxers) I realize her daughter (post-high school age) and her sister are in there. I asked if they had any lotion since my hands get dry after showering and washing them to which the daughter gives me some. ai nonchalantly close the door and continue my frantic search for pictures. I check the full and half bath at the center of the main floor, no pictures. From there, I bolt up the stairs and open the door at the top to see this amazingly huge room that the owner had now made her bedroom. An entire house level all to herself. My search for any sign of her continues when I see two animated robots/mannequins on the couch (supposed to look like the house owner and her daughter). I walk over to check them out and realize they're interactive. I go in to kiss the house owner replica and they both become real. My interactions from that point got a bit more serious.