hunger games

Date: 8/21/2019

By sadiesanville

me and my friends enlisted in s hunger games type of thing except with wizards too. so in this time we didn’t go up on the land everything was underground. and there we’re cities underground too and me and my friends (i don’t know any of them, they’re no one that i actually know) would travel the city during the day waiting for the face offs at night. when you go to the face off spot it’s a small living room with books everywhere. you’re supposed to bring your own weapon so i always brought a gun and kept it in my shoe. to enlist you pick a color and you grab a book, wand, and small tracking object that is that color. one of my friends was always the color yellow and our other friend was always the color blue. i tended to stick to maroon. so you grab your stuff and sit down and then they give you 5 seconds to run and hide somewhere (i always hid on the left side of the room near a bookcase) and than they flicker the lights and than scream go and it’s started, you’re supposed to kill everyone off. our last time in the ring, my friend asked me to grab both his and our other friends stuff (he’s yellow, she’s blue) because he’s MADLY in love with her and had a plan to make her win. so i helped them out. the lights flickered and i went and hid and met some girl who was SUPER ANNOYING so once they screamed go i pulled out my gun and tried to shoot her, but she shot me first in the shoulder. still i shot her in the head and she was dead. but i couldn’t move, i just sat there hopelessly until someone came and helped me but no one did so i killed myself so i would get out of there. and once i woke up, i was in a little RV, that was of course underground, and i was totally fine. it was like a loop because once i woke up i got my friends up so we could tour the city before going back to the ring