Date: 9/4/2019

By Kantz_Dreams

I had a weird dream where these men had a machine where they would drive a thing that could eat an entire house! I saw the news van outside, and I saw the vehicle go up to a house with people in it, and just devour it. I thought that they were criminals or something. They then came to our house to eat it! I ran outside to get far away from the house as I can. But, I saw my dad at the front, wanting to eat eaten by this thing. It started moving, and I got sad that I wouldn’t get to see him again. I saw him enter the machine along with our house. But, after he was in it, he just came right back out afterward. And the entire house wasn’t gone, only the front part of it was. The two men that were in the vehicle got out, and my dad offered them to stay for dinner. I did not trust them one bit (I wonder why). I went inside to go inspect them, but I spotted four kids! “Who are you guys?” I asked, and one of them responded with “we are his kids.” I didn’t know that they had kids! Three of them belong to one man, the guy with the tattoo, and the other one, a boy, belongs to the other man. This made me trust the men a lot more. They also had me hold some headphones while I was still outside, one of which was mine, and the other being the Sony WH- 1000x M3’s. I told them that I never really got to try on these headphones, and we talked about the goods and bads of Bose and Sony headphones. It was actually pretty pleasant. I almost forgot about the scary vehicle that they drove around. Update: in the dream, I also thought I was dreaming, but I didn’t become lucid! I didn’t give myself enough thought to become lucid. I did force myself to see a scary dark figure in the mirror multiple times. My body shook everything that it happened, and it happened out of fear and because it was very dark. Seeing the figures lead right into seeing the large vehicle outside. It happened before that. Update 2: I just remembered another little fragment of the dream. I was told in real life to never assume that you are not dreaming. Always do a reality check to prove that you are in fact dreaming. This would have been useful to know because (1) I told myself that I must be dreaming when I ran outside to get away from the machine. However, I did not do a reality check to prove it because it is not a habit it real life (your habits make their way into your dreams). Also (2), there was a part in my dream where I was in my own body, living an everyday life (this might have been another dream). It was just like real life, so I would have never thought that I was dreaming. The point is that if I would have done reality checks during the day, I would have had a lucid dream.