Underground Labyrinth of Hell

Date: 7/14/2017

By Sebestian

I dreamt I was at this huge mall. Then I went over toward the construction part and stole a van. There were people in the van a man, woman, and their two daughters. I was being chased, but I drove faster and smarter, then I hid the van in a small pipe. After they went away we went back to the mall. It was after hours and no one was there. We searched around and discovered and old underground mall. The lights were still running. There was still product on shelves. But then the lady I was with told me that a group of very bad creatures were on the way to kill us. We ran and ended up in a concrete tunnel system. I was told that the leader of the group was known for torturing and raping his victims. We were chased for hours, but we hid and they lost us for a little bit. We got to the surface of the other mall, and I saw the whole group of creatures. There was four of them, and they looked terrifying. I saw to my left that the man that I was with simply walked away and escaped. He took this huge curved blade thing and stabbed it into the ceiling and announced to the monster that he would be back in 10 years. 10 years later and the world had drastically changed. Everything was abandoned, no one in sight. The man was back, but so was the creature, out of sight. The creature told the man that he captured his woman. He told him that he raped and tortured his woman for the 10 years he left. The creature told him how he peeled of her skin, impregnated her multiple times, and beat her until she had no more hope. The creature also told him that he chopped up his daughters in front of his wife, and force fed them to her. But then the man yelled to the whole world through a device to realise what was going on and to wake up. And people did. I can remember one man in particular, who realised that his life wasn't as good as it should be. He had these woman android heads he would talk to to bring him happiness. And they had artificial vaginas that he could fuck. But he asked them if they enjoyed his company and if they were happy. They could not respond and he realised he must find an actual person to communicate with to ve happy. That is all I can remember.