Digital art, A dream of running through a narrow pathway being chased by mutated pieces of clay that had come to life, all while being cursed by an evil cloaked woman whose smile filled them with fear and despair, in a cliff wall covered in beautiful clay sculptures of smiling women.

Clay Shadow Woman👻

Date: 2/4/2019

By ChefRiggs

A weird friend I do not recognize asks me to evaluate his art work in the forest. He painted the woods... quite literally he painted the leaves and bark mostly in red. There was no pattern or symmetry to the work, just random blotches of red all of the forest as if he jabbed the paintbrush against the tree. Apparently he even mixed the paint with his crap to grow closer to his work. I told him honestly I did not understand his art style but that it was interesting. He accepted the comment and left. I was nervous to offend him cause he seemed a little off like he might kill me if I disrespected him. As he walked away he asked me if I liked a certain fruity flavor I don’t recall and tells me I may partake. Not sure what he was talking about, I lay down in the woods to take a nap but notice a spectrum of colors mixed together pressed into the ground. It looked like clay. I scoop up a piece with my fingers that smelled of orange and cherry and I ate it. It tasted of starburst or taffy. My dream mutates and the colors that I saw on the ground become beautiful clay sculptures that cover a cliff wall. They are of smiling women all of different colors and clothing. They are without faces but when I focus hard the face appears. I see a dark cloaked one among the others and I focus on its face. It appears normal with the smile of a statue but in an instant it’s face comes to life that filled me with fear and despair. I knew this was a great evil. I look away and look back and it is as it was. I take a piece of the clay from the cliff wall to explain what I had seen. I am running back home but the path is narrow and keeps getting smaller. I look at the clay in my hand and it takes the form of the cloaked woman I saw. As I run along the path I see her evil grin appear in other broken statues and stones as if I were cursed by her. Eventually I find myself having to run on all fours to fit through the pathway. I look down as I go and notice that with every step I lose a piece of the clay from my hand. I look behind me and watch the pieces come to life chasing after me. Slivers of clay become small snakes or worms all squirming to catch up with me. Each piece that falls off mutating into a new and different form. After what seems like an eternity I make it to my room where I find two friends playing games. I kick out the cat for some reason and lock the door behind me. I try to tell them what I had seen but they do not believe me. By this time I felt like whatever was chasing me has caught up. I hear scratching and banging coming from the door. I back away as I see the small clay creatures squeezing their way through the crack beneath the door. I turn around and see the cloaked woman and her evil grin standing the in the darkest corner of the room. I knew I was going to die and then I awoke from my sleep.

AI generated interpretation The dream seems to be a representation of your personal growth and the fear of being criticized or rejected by others. The first part of the dream, where your friend shows you his artwork, depicts your fear of not understanding someone's work and offending them. However, your reaction to his work shows that you are willing to show interest even if it's unfamiliar to you. This can be interpreted as your positive attitude towards trying new things. The clay sculptures in the second part of the dream represent your creative side. The fact that they are women without faces can symbolize that you haven't yet explored an aspect of your creativity that is hidden from others. The dark cloaked woman among the sculptures may represent your fear of the unknown and the fear of what your creativity might bring. Your focus on her face and the sudden transformation can be interpreted as your apprehension of facing your fears. The part where you try to run away from the clay creatures that represent the unknown is a symbol of your fear of failure or being judged by others. The recurring fear of being chased by the creatures, and losing pieces of clay that mutate into different forms may indicate your fear of losing control of your creative self. Finally, you return home, and despite your fear, you try to tell your friends about the experience, but they don't believe you. This can be a representation of your fear of not being taken seriously or understood by others. The appearance of the cloaked woman in your room may symbolize the fear that what you create, and the unknown it brings, may finally catch up to you, but as you grow confident in your creative self, it may no longer have as great an impact on your fears.