Oceans 100

Date: 4/2/2017

By peachkeedi

I was in a college that looked like a high school. There was a play coming up and somehow 4 of the best hackers in the school decided to pull a heist to...I'm not sure what it accomplished. The play consisted of 4 cops sitting on a balcony talking to the audience. They each had a fake gun. Then they would ask someone in the audience to pick a cop and they would shoot the audience member. The heist was that one of the guns was a real one. They planned all of this at The cafe next door called The nutter buddy cafe and I was going to help. The play started and we all sat in a row, my friend Cindy on the end. The real gun was with us in a box and the cop to the top right had a fake gun that was jammed so it wouldn't make noise like it was supposed to. We took turns choosing cops and getting fake shot until I choose the one on the top right. His gun didn't go off, they gave him a new "fake gun" and he fired it into the crowd hitting someone. We all evacuated and my heist friends went to the cafe. As we were cheering about our "victory" I noticed a real cop coming towards us to take us in. I ran to the restrooms next door (which seemed to be it's own business) and hid. It wasn't long before the black lady cop came in the door and tried to arrest me. I was in a dress and finally got it off to pee so I made her wait while I peed. When I went to the station to get questioned, my crew were busy breaking in to free me. The best hacker, who also happened to be Evan Peters from ahs was also being questioned. He had some "really good evidence for another case" he tricked them with but inside the envelope was a hacking device that ruined all 100 of their tvs that had footage of the shooting. He said "it doesn't work on waterproof tv's tho but we got that covered. " Cut to Karl in the back office smashing waterproof tv's with a sledge hammer. Evan walked out smiling with sunglasses on like at the end of a heist movie. Then I woke up.