In the Room of Ardis Lost

Date: 8/2/2017

By Kingfisher

I walk through some building, opening random doors. In the first room there is a couple lying at the opposite end of the bed with their feet on the pillows, staring deep into each other's eyes with one's​ hand on the other's face, saying nothing. In the second room there is a silhouette of a man sitting against the burning sunset through the window. He is humming in a tune that seems to fall but never does, and Ardis Lost is written above him. I can't remember what was in the third or fourth but lastly in the fifth room there was a young boy lying off the edge of the bed covered in vines. He smiled and closed his eyes, letting the vines overtake him and the rest of the bed turned into roots and vines and grass and eventually a massive tree that didn't touch the ceiling.