The Scared Man

Date: 1/21/2017

By KS Dreamer

(My dreams tend to be long and vivid so bear with me) I was a 17 year old boy. I had a friend who had been having these traumatizing nightmares. He'd call me in the middle of the night crying, scared, and all out of sorts. He decided to go see a dream therapist to try and understand the nightmares and end them. Instead they got way more intense. He was now convinced that something in the dreams was after him. Turns out the therapist was some kind of dream demon and was now after my friend in real life. Me and another friend tried to protect him. He attacked at night. He charged through the front door, cleanly breaking it in half, and charged right at the friend we were protecting. I tackled him out of the monster's path, it hurt. It was then I got a good look at the demon. He reminded me of the bad guy from 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' before you found out he was a toon. Except for his eyes, one was green and the other was red. My other friend didn't get out of the way in time. The monster just... stared at him. Then my other friend seemed to turn into some kind of liquid, and flowed into the monster's eyes! It was horrifying. Me and my friend got away and survived. But the next day at school, we did something that even now I don't understand. There was a song that, if you heard it, made you a target of the dream demon. It sounded like a distorted child's song. I snuck into our school's light/sound control booth for the football stadium which was at the top of the bleachers, during a packed game. My friend remained on the ground. I input the song and pulled out a walkie-talkie, "Ready?" My friend's voice crackled through, "Ready." I put in my headphones and blared a song I can't remember to protect myself from the cursed song. I hit play. Me and my friend snuck out just as the demon came, we actually passed by him. He grinned at us, we didn't looked at or day a word as we walked. But even as we walked away, I could hear the screams through my headphones.