Visiting old high school

Date: 5/26/2017

By AshWednesday

I was hanging out with sneaker and jonesy and we went to visit the high school we all attended. It looked very true to life and the only thing that was off was where one of the staircases was located. I was walking around with my friends and boyfriend and a kid said something about us holding hands and I went off on them. My boyfriend disappeared and sneaker and I went into our old history teachers classroom to see him. He was teaching a bunch of sixth graders something about mythology from an old scroll. My friend and I sat on either side of him and he was very happy to see us! He asked us to contribute some ideas to the conversation and we did. He then got up and left for awhile and we talked to the kids. He came back with a six pack of beer and opened one at his desk. I looked at him in shock because this teacher would never do something like that. He drank one bottle in full view of his young students. I asked him if that was a good idea and he said one won't hurt. He then got drunk and started commenting on how good my friend sneaker looked in her shirt. He said this several times and she was backing away from him. I told him to stop and then he turned to me and said "damn, you look really good in that shirt." I just grabbed my two friends and left the class. We went to the library to look for something but the door was locked so we just went back to my house and sneaker fell asleep on my couch while I tried to make sense of what just happened.