Car Crash

Date: 7/27/2017

By VividDreamer0404

This was actually a horrible&vivid dream to me but here goes... I found myself driving a huge red bus. I was on the street, and was driving a car in a perfect skill. Then I went to the huge parking lot to park the car. Behind the parking lot was a steep downhill. I slowly tried to park the car. Right in front of my bus there were people talking. Just then, I realized a "thump" on the back of the bus. People turned to me instantly. Their facial expression went terrible. They were pointing at me and shouting like mad. I realized that my bus was going backwards! I tried to push the pedal but it was too late. The bus fell down and rolled across downhill. It flew, and crashed. I myself flew too, and fell down next to the car. I dozed off. Just then I woke up. I heard people talking stuff beside me. I now realized they were talking about me. "Whaaaa...?" I mumbled. Then I opened my eyes. A tragic shape of a red bus was shown, with a black smoke. 4 or 5 people were talking. One person looked at me with shocked expression. Then he gave me a hand. I grabbed it and stood up. "Are you okay?" He asked. "Yeah, I'm fine." I replied. For it certainly was! I checked myself. Surprisingly, there were no bruises on my body! None! Except... A single, little, short cut on my left arm. My brain got refreshed instantly. I felt I was good as new again. I fell asleep after this. So... What do you think? :)