" Im throwing up water, look at me!!"

Date: 9/11/2019

By GoldenApple

My girlfriend was getting ready for something important and some human-ish turtle creature was helping doing her hair and makeup in a tiny bathroom. I was inside the bathroom watching them hurry because she is late. My girlfriend was done with the shower head and tried to give it to me, but instead she shoved it into my mouth and water was pouring down my troat and I couldnt stop it and couldnt get away. I tried telling her this as I was basically drowning and I couldnt geta lot of words out. Eventually she puts it somewhere else and im feeling very bad and coughing. My girlfriend doesnt even look at me because she in such a hurry, desprately trying to get ready. The human-ish turtle made me lean over the shower and patted my back and I threw up water. I tell my girlfriend:" I thought I was gonna drown" My girlfriend:" ?? What" Me:" im throwing up water, look at me!!" She didnt and I threw up some more. I woke up to my troat feeling weird, so I wonder if I tried to throw up in my sleep