a prophesy from a ghost?

Date: 1/25/2017

By masekre

I had a dream that I was in a haunted house and it was my job to get rid of all the ghosts that were tormenting the place. I remember there being a battle with a few of them. Once I thought I was done, I asked someone who lived there if that was all of them. She said "no, Meredith is still here", with a very scared look on her face. She showed me where this "Meredith" ghost was and it was up three stairs, entering a doorway half the height of a normal one. It looked like a creepy kids room, painted yellow, with old wood furniture. I saw someone sitting at the end of the table, facing backwards, then they turned around. It was the scariest little demon/monster. Green face, black eyes, walked like the girl from the ring. (This would usually wake me up in a sweat). I wasn't scared though and fought the demon. When I beat her, she screamed and disappeared. Everyone cheered. I was walking down a hall and looked in to a room on my left, where I saw a woman in a red polka dot dress floating. I walked in, mad because I thought I had gotten rid of all the ghosts, but this one was different, she wasn't evil. She told me how there were other ghosts in the house and how some of the ones I beat had returned, which made me ask frantically "is Meredith back?" But she said no. Phew. She said there were other ghosts, but no one could see them. I asked her why I could see her and she said "because you need to see me. It won't make sense to you for a while, but a day will come when you understand". I asked her "like in 5 or 10 years?" And she replied, "no, more". So I said "15?" And she said "yes". Then she said " you see me for the same reason you see him", pointing to a little boy beside her, which I hadn't seen before, then I woke up.