Weird sperm experiment

Date: 5/5/2019

By levinelover

There was an aquarium in a science lab and inside decorating it were miniature littlest pet shops and littlest pet shop houses! I wanted all of them to be mine really bad. Inside the aquarium there was a science experiment, and it was sperm! There was a lot of huge sperms that looked like tadpoles, and they had faces. There was a white woman who was married to a white man and wanted to have babies with him but needed it to be injected. After a closer look at the sperm they looked like they belonged to a light skin black man! They had faces that had the sight skin tone of light skins! The women knew if she had that sperm her kids might come out looking mixed and she wanted her kids to be white. Her husband had earlier gone swimming in that aquarium before there was sperm in it. When he was swimming, he had a bit of precum on his dick. The water was some next level high tech scientific water, that without him knowing took the precum! It got stolen from around his dick and put away, then once he left it was put on the aquarium. So that meant the stern that looked like light skin guys actually belonged to her husband! So she was fine with having it.