Strange kiss

Date: 4/11/2017

By BadTimeWolf

Owen (my friends boyfriend) arrived back from something and I was in a car park with my friends and he was on the other side so I ran over to him as he got out of the car and he picked me up and spun me around and then pecked me on the lips. He was still half hugging me as he set me down and I was in a stunned silence. He then kissed my forehead and I said to him "What about Taylor cause what is she found out that you kissed me" and other stuff about how he's going out with her and I thought he loved her. He told me no and he'd like to be with me (not explicitly) and then kissed me on the cheek. I was very confused as I don't think that I like him but led him back to my friends who hadn't seen any of it. We then all went to a swimming pool and just appeared there (not strange apparently) and then we went swimming and I almost got drowned twice and then I woke up