Lord of the ring gone wrong

Date: 3/26/2017

By yotama9

I was watching a sort of a scene from lord of the rings. Two elves were in the "bad guys" camp, and there was a king there, and a nazgul king. For some reason the elves are protected and when the nazgul king finds that out he is going crazy and he is held back by the king. The elves then leave knowing they are being chased after. In the following scene they are chasing someone, one elf, light haired is shooting two arrows his, at the "bad guy". One arrow is his, and the other is from the other elf, who has dark hair. The dark haired elf is going into contact with the "bad guy" who is armed with a crossbow. The "bad guy" shoots at the light haired elf, which in the mean time becomes me, and misses, and fights with the second elf. I shoot some more arrows and misses, and I the other elf is beginning to lose to the "bad guy" I know I can make the difference, by going into physical contact, but I can't bring myself to do that.