Date: 6/5/2017

By Memoireb

I had a dream where my best friend finally came to visit, and I was really exited. At some point my dream changed? I'm not sure if it was the same dream or not. Then I was a wizard from hogwarts, and I saved a couple of doods with magic, but bevause magic was not allowed, I had to go to court with my parents. The court room was more of a tiny football stadium with whatever was happening in the middle with some screens at the sides. Oh, and I was sitting at the seats, and there was a bunch of people there. So when It began, my dad said some stuff in spanish, because he could not speak english in my dream for some reason, and then I translated in german/english to everyone. Then after that I said another thing, and the whole place started clapping. Then they asked me a buch of questions about my crimes, and I remember one of them being 'does your head hurt?" Then the place was a bus? Then the bus started to bring us back to hogwarts, and my mum brought me and my dad close to a door because the doors closed a few seconds after we got there and it will trap us in there for ever. When we got there, my mum decided to take a while, so I was screaming, and she got out in the last second. Then we arrived, but for some reason some stores where there, so me and my dad entered, my mum stayed oustide talking to my cat for some reason. Then, the doors started closing, and my dad did not care and walked super slowly and we got stucj there. (THANKS DAD) Then I was raging at him for not caring, then I tried smashing the windows, but they where mirrors, so then I started panicking, I did not want to stay in there! Then for some reason I realized it was a dream or something, so I opened the door and me and my dad came out. Then my dream ended.