skull potion

Date: 3/24/2017

By DreamQueen3

I was in my sisters room and I open her closet and I look behind her clothing and there was a necklace and the pendent on it. it looked like a potion and the top where it seals was a skull and in my head with was trying to convince me to wear it to harness it's power but I could feel that it was evil and I was very scared. then I was walking down this highway (a bus was passing by and it was raining) getting to this building and there was a Trans woman trying to help me with getting rid of the demon and then I was walking down the street with Kurt and the demon was trying to attack us then I was back in that building and going down an elevator with a man who was egar to show me something and we walked down some stairs and I saw a crowed of ppl and the demon playing piano and I started to freak out and try to runaway but the floor was pulling me down