Almost sexy time with an Austin Butler lookalike 😔

Date: 7/30/2017

By wildflower97

Ok so irl I was watching the Carrie diaries last night with Austin Butler (extremely cute ) anyways I fell asleep pretty quickly after turning off the tv I dreamt that I was in some house the kitchen and room looked like my granny's house irl but the backyard was not like my granny's house anyways back to the point idk exactly who this guy was but he was on my granny's bed idk if in the dream it even was my granny's bed or who lived at that house or anything but I looked around and was kinda embarrassed to find the room extremely messy there was trash and clothes and food crumbs everywhere the guy got off the bed and I started picking up the room fast before he came back so finally he came back and laid down on the bed and idk why I thought it was ok to just jump on this guy like i knew him or as if he was my bf anyways Irl I've only kissed one person im 20 btw I know embarrassing ! 😒 so in the dream in my head I was like this would bee great practice so I kept trying to make out with him but he would only kiss me once and then stop at this point I was still on him so i was trying to get him turned on but grinding or somewhat humping him with clothes on he didn't have a shirt on anyways to spice things up I went to the kitchen to look for a lighter irl i have one next to a candle so I thought in my dream I'd have one there as well as I went into the kitchen there were people everywhere there was someone carrying a pack of cigarettes and i thought hey people in movies are always smoking after they have just had sex so i took a cigarette but didn't find a lighter I went out side where there were more people and gave my cigarette away idk why as I looked for a lighter to light my romantic saint candle I also have irl in my room to get the mood going but had no luck I was just staring off into the yard that had the biggest wooden structure looked a little like an obstacle course people were saying woahhhhh it's gonna tip over it never did Last thing I remember is looking up into the sky to see a flying keurig idk how to spell it but one of those fancy coffee machines.