Date: 6/10/2017

By sadinarus

So me and my ex have been on really good terms lately. So I had a dream he was at my school. He and I was in my teachers art room, we was chilling and talking or whatever. And one of his exes (Jeralyn) comes in to talk to him. I was sitting on a stool at an art table and he walked over to where we put down our book bags to get something for her. But as she walks by she purposely bumps into my back and I'm like "HEY! Excuse you." Somehow that was in a polite tone. And immediately she turns around to leave but she pushes me harder to the point where I actually stumble. So I stand up and be like "you wanna try it bitch!!? You gonna do something!!?" And all she does is roll her eyes and walks out the classroom. And that's all I remember THE END.