{2 Dreams} With Markiplier (Wed May,31 2017)

Date: 5/31/2017

By Sorrnin

1: 18+ I am in my room with the youtuber Markiplier and I told him to hide in my room because my mom is coming to tuck me into bed. I am telling him we are going to have sex when she leaves. Then she comes in and I try to take Markiplier out of my room but she catches us. Then I am in this house with Markiplier and this girl is chasing us with a bomb and we think we are going to die so we go into this room and have sex. But we did not die and we are with our family talking to a lawyer person and she is saying how it is natural human instinct to want to have sex just before a person thinks they are going to die. Then I am at my grandparents (Mimi & Papa) house and I am telling my grandma who is very rich and materialistic how I am not materialistic at all. (She is not materialistic or rich in real life) 2: 18+ I am like the girl from Anne of green gables but I am myself not like her personality. I am living with the brother and sister from the book but I am not sure if I am an orphan or not. The brother collapses from something and I ask him if he is ok because he is still conscious but he says non-coherent stuff. Then the sister goes to get a doctor so I am in charge and I am doing my own thing and I think oh I am going to check on him and he is gone. He has been captured by this guy who stuffs him into a oven and kills him. Then that same guy who is a teenager about my same age comes to my house and asks me to have sex with him and I say um. Then as he leaves he says sorry about your dad and my two guy friends come over as he leaves and they tell me to go for it have sex with him so I chase after him. It goes to a different part of the dream where he is my boyfriend. I knew we did have sex but it was not shown.