Date: 3/22/2019

By tayloralisonswift

K, so, I’m a massive Taylor Swift fan. I dream about her quite a lot actually (mostly about meeting her) but this particular dream was like no other. Last night (well, I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and wrote this down), I dreamt about JOE PROPOSING TO TAYLOR. I guess these engagement rumours have been on my mind a little too much lately, lol. Anyway, here’s what happened... So, it happened at an award show. Taylor was wearing a navy blue dress and sitting front row next to Anne Hathaway and someone else who I remember recognising in the dream but can’t recall now. Constance Wu was sitting in the row behind, and those are the only two people I remember recognising. So, Joe went on stage to accept an award WITH Taylor (he brought her with him). Um, so, there was a lot of PDA (they were kissing and hugging a lot and she was fondling him the whole time she was standing next to him), and then... Okay, this next bit is a little weird but it’s what’s happened. Joe took (drank) a shot of this dark, maroon ish coloured liquid (I don’t know where the shots came from, he was just suddenly holding them, lol) and then he gave one to Taylor (like, fed it to her) and then drank half of another one and fed the other half to Taylor. I genuinely have no idea why this happened... SO random. Anyway, after that, Taylor stepped back to let Joe give his acceptance speech and Joe said that he couldn’t have done it without his girlfriend, Taylor, and then... you know it... HE GOT DOWN ON ONE KNEE and I don’t recall exactly what he said but Taylor was shocked (in a good way, classic proposal reaction). It stopped there, I didn’t see her saying yes or anything after that. In the dream, I was sitting up at my kitchen bench watching all of this unfold on my laptop or iPad or something. What’s weird is that I remember showing my Mum the video of the proposal (we often watch stuff together, I frequently show her Taylor and celebrity related stuff) and she just would not watch it. She wasn’t, like, refusing to watch it or anything, she was just extremely uninterested. She ended up getting up and going down to the couch where my dad and little brother were and sitting with them and literally completely ignoring me trying to show her something... it was weird. It was almost like I was invisible. My god, was I overwhelmed waking up this morning. It took me a while to realise that the whole thing wasn’t REAL. I can’t wait for when they actually do get engaged... I hope it does happen on live TV at an award show, that would be amazing. I wonder if I’ve predicted the future 🤔