Weird Fragmented Dream

Date: 3/2/2017

By LionFoot65

Last night I ate some cheese and smoked some weed. I only remember bits and pieces of my dream though. In part of my dream I decided go inside this little playground house where this dog decided to trap me so I decided to bust the door out. After that, I kept seeing that my cat kept trying to leave the house which he eventually did. When he did, he got on top of this small tree and decided to balance himself on it several times until he actually got good at it. I remember it being really funny. There was also this guy who fancied himself as a king and who was deciding whether or not to kill a bunch of people in this one village but decided to spare them all since he was using the village to create this weird human-monster hybrid offspring. I actually remember seeing the hybrid from the village which looked like a girl in pink and black dress with a pink and black mask with a venom from spider man style. I wasn't part of the village so I wasn't as scared of the king but it was it did seem pretty weird to me that he seemed to actually love his hybrid monster lol. For some reason, the hybrid decided to take off her mask and this ugly brunette girl's face appeared but she became more and more beautiful over the next 10seconds lol. I can't remember why but I decided to shake both the kings hands at the same time after that. Then I went inside what appeared to be this green building and I saw my friend there getting a lap dance and he seemed to be enjoying it lol. I also saw a really cute girl from my school (IRL) wearing makeup (she usually doesn't and looks beautiful anyway) and working at a green desk as an accountant or something. When I looked over at her and admired how beautiful she looked and she looked over at me invitingly soon after that. When I went over to talk to her, we started talking about how she liked me and I liked her. Then something happened and chaos ensued. During the chaos she climbed over her cubicle while I was looking away from her and proceeded to knock me onto my back and put her hand over my face while she kissed me softly and slowly and stopped before we started getting passionate. Then she ran away to sit in a lunch table we used to sit in in Elementary school. When I sat across from her and saw her she was looking at me and smiling as if nothing happened but I kept looking at her passionately ignoring other people when they were trying to talk to me. I decided to move so that I was sitting right next to her and facing her, I looked into her eyes and at her lips and back at her eyes while I caressed her face which is when I woke up lol.