Date: 3/6/2017

By landshark

We were at school but we slept there too I was with Maddie, Michelle and some other girl that I forgot. I don't remember much but we hung out all the time and ran around and hid and stuff because school sucked I woke up when me and Maddie were woke up because Bruno mars was playing in the cafeteria. At one point a teacher said that Michelle had the academic focus of a 10yo and I told them that maybe that was because we understood life more and we need more to to grow that they don't allow us. Also Mr Lemmon was back and assigned us songs to work out to and each group got a shitty rap song. There was also a pool that Gabby's dad owned and we always went there. I found out gabby was a superhero but couldn't tell anyone because she was working with the government. I kiss someone but I don't remember who