the Hog Rider

Date: 6/7/2017

By dsthegrt

in today's dream I was scared as in my dream I saw I have 1 lil sis and newborn triplet sis....I was coming back from my regular classes when I saw my geometry teacher chasing me and my frnds ....and we all were laughing around ...till there it was funny.....then when my lil sis went into the pool ...I noticed there was some ghosty appearance following her ..I immediately informed my parents and they brought a sweater like thing to protect my sis... I was scared as hell so u know even I bought that sweater ( the sweater was called mimosa ....idk why in the 3 hells it was called mimosa???)..... Then the next day in my dream I saw a masked man who was scary as we were told that the ghost could come in any form so the masked man was just entering our front yard and I locked the door of my house and went to lock all the doors of my house...... after the man could not break in I realized he was a REAL person..I was relieved...then when he left my 3 triplet sis and I went to the park just to relax.....when we were relaxing on the grass dogs started barking around us..then my friends present there told me that the man whom I saw was somewhere near us and was approaching to get my sisters.. I ran in a nearby house in a crowded room....where I found one of my relatives...we were hiding in the crowd with everyone knowing why we were hiding...then came the man in a new form the Hog Rider ( those who play COC know things character) the Hog Rider is dangerous..I mean very​very dangerous with a hammer like weapon ...when we were hiding he killed our relative and went away...😫 then I was found out that the man was a 13 yo boy who was desperate for killing friends somehow calmed him down and he left us and went away then I hugged all my friends for calming him down and now we started our normal life again..