Beautiful pet snails

Date: 4/14/2019

By levinelover

I had two snail pets in a fish aquarium tank. One was very small, like Herpi and the other was a medium size and had a white shell. Somehow I got two free new amazing snails that were extremely rare. They were given to me, both were big (not massive but big compared to the other two for sure), very fast swimmers, and Neon bright colours like yellow and pink. After someone gave them to me, I put them in the tank and they went swimming with the other two all swimming in a line, from biggest to smallest. They were beautiful and I loved all of them. I decided I was going to take them for walks in the garden everyday, so they could get fresh air and explore wherever they wanted. I took them all outside and put them on a rock, letting them scatter around. I made sure I knew where they all were, moving the grass out of the way.