Date: 6/19/2017

By AisDareth

I was a kid and we were on some road trip, but at twilight the car broke down near a big field that led to a forest. I ran off into it and crawled under mini garden fences into the forest and met a marching line of kids, "the kids who come out at night to play". I wanted to play with them and they said I'd have to familiarize myself with the forest first. So I ran off into it. I found a garden fence door that was rounded upwards and kinda looked like a face. So I asked it where I could go to know the forest better. it was really nice, but then my dream kinda warped, because in a thicket I saw Jasper, my white ferret who lost all mobility in his back legs and passed away 2 weeks ago. He was just starting to limp, and was leaving white dust everywhere. I took him to the vet and explained that he came back to life, but his issues were starting all over again. The vet was purterbed and seemed to half believe me, but she had to go into a secret room to check some things. She came out later wearing three scarves and my dream got boring after that.