Making out like crazy

Date: 7/18/2017

By gwomack101

I was at school in the cafeteria gladly kissing and giggling with a coworker. Then in the halls, I was kissing and holding hands with a different guy(that already has a girlfriend let me add). It only gets worse from there because then I invited my old best friend's boyfriend over and while we were in my room, we were making out. We were going to go farther, but my parents were home and almost caught us. Afterwards I was crying and felt guilty for kissing three different dudes in one day(two of them having girlfriends already), and I called my internet friend bronsen whom I'm close with. He comforted my sorry ass lmao ***just recently went through a breakup so I'm guessing that is why in my dreams I was making out like crazy with random people lmao ***