Kalahari disaster

Date: 6/18/2019

By shrineofroses

Every year in an indoor waterpark called Kalahari, there is an anime convention. I went once and I will be going this year. I finished with the con so it was time to relax in the park. Everything was going okay until one of the fake trees fell into the water. It was strange but nothing too bad. Then, all the decorations started falling and big things collapsed. This was HORRIBLE. We escaped the building and it was absolutely destroyed. Everything. Not only was it ruined, but the flooding water added to it. Me and my sister were outside, but a team of raging cows came to attack us. We were in trouble, but a couple came and rescued us. We were at 7/11 and we met with all of my family but my mom. She was still there. All of our belongings were too. The were part was it was pretty realistic (except the cow part). In the dream, I had the same hair color, everyone looked to same, and the fact that it even included cosplayers I know from Instagram scared me. The whole thing was terrifying.