Date: 3/27/2017

By incurableflame

I had a second dream that was kind of like being inside a Skyrim game (probably more like World of Warcraft but I havent played it so idk). In the game/world, I was some kind of half-elf warrior and I could speak new elvish & ancient elvish (considered a special skill). Me and a large team of other warriors came to defend a village from some kind of elemental attack. When I was on the outskirts, by the side of the road were some elementals & beasts going apeshit. I entered main menu to equip some weapons or magic or something, when I hear a bear growling in the background just like the one in Skyrim. Suddenly, jump cut back to the game screen where I'm getting mauled alive by a bear and the game ends with this message "Labyrinthian was designed to be more challenging" or something like that. So even if I go on menu for any reason, outside time keeps moving instead of pausing like, literally, all games. The last thing I thought to myself was that as soon as the game boots back up, I'm going to change the settings.