Date: 6/12/2017

By lrr

My mom, her husband, and my little brother had moved to a new apartment. It was a luxurious flat, perhaps the PH of a tall building. It had large horizontal windows for walls in the living room, where we were all standing. A large flat TV set where Tomás was playing videogames. We were all talking, when suddenly some interference appeared in the TV, and a swarm of grey drones hovered outside of the window, clearly looking for something everywhere we could see. They left as swiftly as they came, and I ran to the bedroom to take some things that might be useful. I took my cellphone, and a power bank I had just bought IRL the previous afternoon. I stuffed the electronics and their cables in the pockets of my jacket and came back outside to the living room. After a short while, we saw military helicopters going around, until one settled right outside of our window. Hovering in place, they just seemed to be observing us, so I extended my arm out the window and knocked on the front window of the helicopter. They immediately reacted, moved to their right, and a knock on the door. We opened the door, and a pair of military men were standing there, with aggressive attitude. I woke up.