Sequel dream I had

Date: 2/18/2019

By Cyan5756

I blinked and I was suddenly in my dream body in a dark room lit with candles. I remember this place and had come to it before in my last dream about it a few years ago. I facepalm and there were three to four other people with me. I was on a fairly tall and large bed. The bed was mostly red and black. I wonder if I should tell these three people who were my friends in the dream last time the secret portal to another world. I told them to gather on the bed and wait. It was almost midnight when suddenly a big hole opened in the bed just as I thought and sucked us through. A moment later we were in a town and there were street markets with a lot of people. Then everything passed by in a flash and we were in a place ruled by hawks(the bird). They were part bird and part human. Apparently I sped through saving the leader of the hawks from someone and all the hawks were gathering together and made a picture that represented their logo as we flew into the sky. Then I showed my friends a remote area and came across to what looked like a dead end. I tell them to gather around a hold hands. Then another hole opened up and we were on top of a staircase. I knew this was the crab kingdom. I went down and said hi to the leader. He said long time no see and I agreed. On the table there was some fish sticks. Then I woke up.