Date: 9/21/2019

By shaz

I got up from behind a chair on the shack and leaned upwards with my gun tpwards the people that were heading towards the side of the shack with their weapons trying to be stealthy ... and raised my gun upwards and shot around 3 or 4 people long enough for dad and chloe to dissapear thanni was on my own as more came to defend their people... dad mustve gotten down to the floor and into the river with his boat with a paddle board tied behing the boat... they burst around the corner seeing my gun stopped becayse they had fishing poles and hooks and i was going to shoot but ran out of ammo they creeped forward as i stepped back... nearly cornered the girl of the group whips the fishing rod with the hooks attached but i deflect it with my gun than grab a hold of it as it blew one of their weapons up and snapped the rod... than she pulls out a tiny thing with four little attacment thong she said it was a dolphin tagger because it goes into the skin im defensless and need to find an ecsape plan i do not befefore i get that tagger in my left arm though i yelled and i swung off the metal bars and fell on the group the 3 that were upstairs when ran downstairs to get me the guy stood there blindly accepting punsihment from the girl that put the tagger into my arm i looked at it for around a minuet and tried taking it out i screamed as i got 1 than 2 than 3 lastly 4th there all gone and my arms covered in blood ater that ....the guy sees me and i ran hearing a engine boat get close .... it has to be dad i ran down to the banks jump over a ditch to borjoars... thats when i see dad and chloe in the boat and chloe on the board tied behind seeming to smile as shes probs not aware of the situation i run to the boat and jump intp the water right as i get into the water towards the boat i hear dad say stay on this timeokay chloe next to me is a big crocodile in the water i stay quite until i get on the board firuging out how me and chloe will share it and yell theres a crocodile in the water goo. He revs the engine we move we head to the ferry stop sign couple neteres up from the ferry and next thing you know the waves the boat is making causes chloe to flip off she starts swimming to the boat while dad cautiously turns i yell to chloe stop swimming she does we pick her up ... we move and inch and i was up from the dream ...