Apocalypse Preparation

Date: 6/12/2017

By haehnltm

Began at Walmart type store with friends from highschool (baseball - Zach Ertel, Rob Nesterhouf). Colder/winter claimant. Rushed around Walmart independent. Grabbed nothing specific. Tried to regroup with close friends (only a few). Left store looking for efficient vehicle to hold gas/supplies (older Ford long-bed). Stole vehicle because keys were left on passenger seat (close to exit of Walmart). Drove to gas pumps in parking lot. Filled tank. Joined by one other person unknown (guidance/partner/trusting) Discussed game plan (head south to warmer climates to survive easier or stay to survive winter since it was almost spring - did not make definite decision). Drove to hardware store in search of fueling equipment (gas tanks). Drove almost into store. Walked through several storage rooms. Collected several item and started to return to truck. Could not find truck. Suspected someone else stole it within a few minutes. I was still trying to find it but companion (father figure) convinced me it was stolen (key still in my pocket). Companion said to forget the truck and continue search for supplies. Awoke.