Snowstorm Ride & The Cluttered Auditorium

Date: 6/26/2017

By fluffytree

Nap 3am~4am In my first dream I'm just finding myself on a vehicle of some kind, maybe it's a snowmobile, traveling on a snowy road surrounded by forest on both sides. I have no idea where I'm going and a blizzard is also happening which makes it super hard to see that far in front of me. There's other people on the road too although I don't recognize any of them. My vehicle suddenly gets downgraded to a wagon I have to pull and walk behind me with. I'm fine with it at first until the long handle part breaks off and I have to sit there and try to put it back on. I recall these little kids nearby looking at me and whispering and saying that I probably can't fix it but I managed to anyway. I keep moving ahead and thankfully my wagon returns to a decent vehicle I can get around in. Now it's a motorcycle which is even better. Well... It doesn't handle as good as the snowmobile and slips on the road but I can deal with it. Some big yeti-like monster comes out of the woods to threaten everyone but I manage to avoid him thankfully. I feel very vulnerable on this bike cos all it takes is one lapse in concentration for me to lose my way and fall. If that happens I'm definitely gonna take some damage too. I keep riding until I fade into the next dream. Now I'm in some stairwell of an unfamiliar school building and just wanna get to the bottom and get out. I seem to be on the 2nd floor. I can't get down around because there's all these people standing around with their bags and clutter and all strewn about. I manage to squeeze through despite people saying there's no way down. The stairway somehow opens up into the balcony of a big auditorium and I see that alot of the students are art majors. They have their big sketchpads out drawing various things and it's so dense with them around and their stuff that I feel so awkward still trying to get by. I just wanna get to the other side of the room to see if there's a way down. It's so bad there's really no open space to even step on clear ground up here and I feel the need to climb over the balcony and shimmy along that way so I don't step on anyone's bags or art materials. Man it's a long way down though and looks like we're in a huge college auditorium that looks more like an orchestral hall. I make it to the other side, but to my dismay they were right. There really is no way down and with it being about a good 70 ft drop I could never survive a jump from that height without breaking several bones and possibly becoming a paraplegic if not just dying altogether. Somehow I do end up on the bottom level though and hang out there for awhile. There's more people down here that I didn't see from above too. I see some familiar faces like a couple from high school as well as some teachers, and then I distinctly saw my friend Justin from YouTube too. Now in the middle of the room near the back is an enclosed room where a bunch of controls are. This whole place no longer looked like an orchestra hall btw, but more like an industrial space of some sort. There's big pillars holding the building structure up, a cold and slightly wet cement floor, hanging lights with cone shaped domes over them like you'd see in a factory and just a plain dankness about the air in general. I also see big ventilation pipes on the sides and ceiling too. A couple of teachers I that looked like they were from my grade school of G.E. Peters are messing with some levers in that smaller room and next thing we know it kickstarts the ventilation system and this sticky wet stuff starts spraying out the pipes every few minutes. It's almost like they've not been used in years and have all this back up dust, soot, and all sorts of debris that's built up inside over the years. I really wanna leave now cos no matter where I go I keep getting hit with the stuff and it feels so disgusting. There's no clear exit outta here either and when I ask someone why there's no door he just says it's always been like that. I mention how stupid this is and it's a fire hazard too. There's some bleachers nearby with desks stacked on them. And again there's so much clutter in this area too. Students are hanging out studying or whatever and I notice my friend Alex sitting up there who's also from my high school. I point at him while yelling his name and he looks back not really recognizing me at first but then waves once he does. I'm annoyed and just wanna leave, no time for catching up. There's a door next to him and keep in mind he's sitting about 10 ft above the floor. Why there's a door there I dunno but it doesn't look like it'll open. In fact it seems to be partially cemented over too. I look to my left and see another door that's not so high though. This one's about 3 ft from the floor and looks fairly openable. It's the only way out that I notice so hopefully the door will open. Moments later Justin runs to it to open it up but it takes a little effort to do. He manages though and I can finally see the sweet sunlight from outside. He climbs through and bolts out. Seems safe enough so I do the same. There's something familiar about this area though. I feel like in a past dream I've been to this building but only observed from the outside and from this side I believe I saw a huge bees nest on the wall and all over the air conditioning units too. I remember not wanting to go near it. Once I'm out it seems fine until other people start naturally following me out and one kid plays that he's gonna play a prank and then some girl says to please not because she's scared of bees. That's when it hits me and I look around in horror. This is the back of that building I saw before with all the bees. They're flying around here and there and haven't noticed us for the most part. At least they seem uninterested even though we opened a door that was apart of their nest. Best thing I can do is not panic and walk slowly away. This kid better not do anything or else he's gonna get us all stung like crazy. I think the stress I started feeling at this point woke me up and so I never did get to properly get out of the situation in the dream.