Secret Agent

Date: 8/6/2019

By Caswillsaveme

I was some sort of secret agent or hero or something, but everytime I'd do something secret people would find it funny as if they were the audience to some sort of TV show. And then we were walking around in a big group of people in a mall, where there were really nice cute clothes. But my ex was there and he kept trying to get my attention, until he finally like grabbed my shoulder or something. Then he pretended to miss me and said we should be together again, but it ended up that he just wanted me to make a fool of myself by doing something embarassing in front of everyone. In another part I was with a couple friends and like David Tennant was doing some sort of speaking event so we went but I was like "ok I have to get out of here this is making me feel weird" so we left without really hearing anything.