Date: 7/22/2017

By vhpina

I was working in an architecture firm and all I remember is getting repremanded and sent to the back of the office where I had to sit next to this lady that apparently nobody liked. She ended up being pretty cool and we started talking after she had briefly looked through some of my sketches that I had drawn on construction notes. She looked like the scientific research lady on Attack on Titan. She mentioned that she also liked to doodle the same kind of stuff once her work and began showing me some of her stuff. It was a lot more colorful than mine and left me inspired, I had no idea I could relate in such a way to someone ppl had made me feel that I wouldn't get along with or might be annoyed with. I then started sketching more throughout that evening. Later that night the office was having a party on the rooftop of the building. I remember having a couple glasses of champagne and that everyone was celebrating some accomplishment of the firm and that the owner of the firm was giving a speech. Throughout the night though I have been talking to this really cute girl who happened to also work at the firm, I remember that she had long golden curly hair and that she was pretty new at the firm. I remember that later in the night the party had moved back downstairs into the office and we had snuck up back onto the Rooftop to get to know each other a little better. we eventually started fooling around and when we were having sex I remember my perspective changed and I could see the people downstairs at the party and what they heard. It seemed like they could hear the sounds, specifically her moans, we are making through the elevator Shaft and the stairwell however no one seemed shocked. I remember specifically people looked almost cartoonish and all the women became ecstatically happy that two people had fallen in love.